Our Day Care provides a safe, secure and social place for your Camper to romp when he wants to romp, rest when he wants to rest and get his ears scratched or belly rubbed from time to time.

During our enrollment evaluation we verify every dog is current on vaccinations and has the necessary social skills to be a good Camper. We also determine the Camper’s play style for assignment to the appropriate playgroup when he visits us.

Sleep Overs can be arranged for regular day care dogs. Overnight care is available 365 days a year for just one night or for as many days or weeks as you need. Our sleep over area accommodates 10 dogs a night who sleep together in a home-like setting and are looked after by a person who stays with them throughout the night.

For regular examinations and vaccination updates our Visiting Vet program takes care of Campers during their play day. The staff of Altimira Veterinary Hospital makes “house calls” to Camp Monday through Friday saving you a trip to the vet’s office.